HOW WE THINK ABOUT GARBAGE IN JAMAICA NEEDS TO CHANGE. Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica is a public education campaign that aims to improve citizens knowledge about the impact of poorly handled waste on public health and the environment, while encouraging personal responsibility for the generation and disposal of waste. Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica, launched in February 2015, is one component of the Clean Coasts Project, led by the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) with the support of the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) and the Wisynco Group.


So far this campaign has received a tremendous response! Please help us to spread the message to your friends, family, co-workers and communities. Find out how to get involved in the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign as an individual here, and in your work place here – there’s even a checklist you can use to track your progress. We are excited to have you on board.

For more ways to think about garbage and how to start a discussion with your friends, family, coworkers, classmates and neighbours, click here.

Place more bins in your neighbourhood. A list of places you can source garbage bins can be found here. Ensure that when your garbage is being collected it is being taken to an approved waste disposal site. A list of approved disposal sites and contact information for the site managers can be found here.

Where facilities exist – Recycle! An updated list of recycling companies can be found here. Learn how to compost here. For information about ways to manage your waste, click here.

To learn how to host a cleanup in your community click here or at a beach in your parish click here.


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